Simply Physio Ltd - supporting local care homes

Whether it is teaching your staff how to handle elderly patients or devising a care plan to help a resident keep mobile, we can help.

With over 20 years of experience working for the NHS, Smita from Simply Physio Ltd has a wealth of knowledge and expertise working with vulnerable people with a range of different mobility problems.

From assessing residents and devising a treatment plan to liaising with occupational therapists, community health professionals and the local hospital, Smita is always happy to provide advice, information and effective physiotherapy treatments.

Services include:

  • Therapeutic and functional assessment
  • Identify physical problems
  • Devise treatment plans and provide personalised exercise programmes
  • Treat residents with aim to achieving maximum potential
  • Recommend and advise on safe and correct use of walking aids.
  • Advise residents and care staff on safe and efficient functional mobility.
  • Address pain with electrotherapy modalities such as Therapeutic Ultrasound,TENS and hot and cold packs.
  • Work closely with nurses,senior care staff,care managers and GPs.
  • Liaise with community physiotherapists and occupational therapists.
  • Refer residents to local wheelchair clinics when necessary.
  • Advise care staff on positioning and seating.
  • Recommend appropriate joint supports and footwear.
  • Advise care staff on safe and efficient moving and handling.

Care home staff training

It is not just the patients and residents that need advice and support. Lifting and handling vulnerable people is a skill that has to be learned. Simply Physio Ltd is happy to provide advice, support and training on a range of issues including rehabilitation plans and therapeutic management.

Smita Ved also provides physiotherapy treatments to private clients throughout Edgware and surrounding areas.

For more information call
020 8090 8268

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